ARTIST PROFILES                                                                  

Crystal Kamoroff
Fawna Xiao
Beka Brayer
Hagit Cohen
Shushan Tesfuzigta
Laurie Wilson
Zora Coeur de Roy
Kathy deRosas
Rebecca Redman
Leon Saperstein

Su Pang (( Curator ))
Su was born in Singapore and moved to San Francisco for art school. She was formerly a painter, however her direction took a change to graphic design and photography. She has a habit of bouncing around the world to seek out her next photography adventure. Her new work reflects personal stories, random encounters with nature, people and situations. Su finds beauty and contentment in imperfection. It's relationship to past and present. This is her 5th artshow curation and second fundraiser. She just completed designing and building her first swedish inspired cottage, and now lives in Oakland.

Crystal Kamoroff (( Fine Artist ))
Crystal is a California based artist who has exhibited work in galleries and various art venues both nationally and throughout the Bay Area.  She has a Bachelors of Fine Art from San Jose State University and a Masters of Fine Art from Bowling Green State University. Active in applying to juried shows and artist residencies Crystal is constantly researching information and techniques that inform and improve her work as well as seeking out artist communities that facilitate creative dialogues and collaborations.

Fawna Xiao (( Printmaker))
Fawna Xiao is a screenprint artist and founder of Lost Land. She first learned to screenprint after hitting the mini-jackpot at a New Zealand casino, and promptly put her newly won funds to work. She built wooden frames, stapled some wedding veil fabric to them and started printing. She then went on to graduate from the University of Maryland with a BA in Studio Art, and a concentration in Printmaking. Fawna's work centers around abstract landscapes, all printed as one of a kinds. Fawna has been driving around the country for half a year looking for a new home, and has found it in Oakland, California.

Beka Brayer (( Mixed Media Assemblage ))
Assemblage is a process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is created bycombining found objects to form a sculptural artistic representation.  It is the creativeprocess of reinventing, reusing and recycling neglected and or discarded objects in astimulating and thought provoking way.  The artist’s emphasis is initially based on thearchitecture of the material and its texture.  The concept organically follows.  She hasalways admired the beauty found in the natural aging process of abandoned objects.  Thesubtle beauty and lines in imperfection have always intrigued her.The objects she uses have been acquired all over the world in her extensive travel.Every piece embodies a specific destination and with it comes a representation thatcaptures a significant moment in time.

Hagit Cohen (( Fine / Digital Artist ))
Hagit works primarily with digital images, constructing visual scenes by connecting photographic images with objects of ritual. She holds a BFA in Photography and Art History from State Art Teacher Training College in Israel, and MFA in Imaging Arts from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where she also taught fine art photography for several years. Upon completion of studies at Rochester, she developed her career in interactive multimedia as an illustrator, art director and producer. Hagit shifted her focus back to fine art in 2005. In her current work she explores the subject of nature and the environment, and draws attention and awareness to nature’s fragile balance in the face of human intervention.

Her artwork has been exhibited in Tel Aviv, Rochester NY, Toronto, Los Angeles, Berkeley and Oakland. Her images have appeared in New Media Magazine, Computer Artist, On Line Design, I.D. Magazine and East Bay Express. Hagit Cohen lives and works in Berkeley, CA. She serves on WEAD - Women Artists for the Environment board of directors.

Shushan Tesfuzigta (( Designer / Artist ))
Shushan Tesfuzigta is a Oakland, CA based artist and designer. She completed her B.F.A in the Individualized Program at California College of the Arts in May 2015 with honors. She has participated in group shows around the Bay Area and was a student artist at Recology SF's Artist in Residence program in the Summer of 2014. Her work is heavily influenced by her multicultural background which she credits her interdisciplinary approach to making. She is constantly seeking solutions for industrial waste through appropriating  textiles processes. When she isn't trying to close the loop of industrial waste streams she is making conceptual art about being apart of the Eritrean Diaspora. Shushan Tesfuzigta is a vagabond weaver, natural dyer, furniture maker, storyteller and funk queen

Laurie Wilson (( Photographer ))
Laurie Studied photography at SFAI and graduated from Art Center in Pasadena. She has been a freelancer since 2003 and lived in Socal for ten years, before moving back to S.F in 2009. As a editorial photographer laurie has been fortunate to collaborate with some incredibly talented people & clients. Photography has allowed her to live a creative life, rich in culture here on the West Coast.

Zora (( Fine Artist ))
After getting her master in Fine Art in her twenties, Zora stopped creating for a few years until she discovered Biodanza, a unique personal and spiritual development practice. This Dance of Life simulated with her intense desire to create once again and she was drawn to clay for the first time in her life. Most of her sculpture are born from by her dance experiences.

Kathy deRosas (( Interdisciplinary Artist ))
Kathy's work exemplifies change. This is revealed by the nature of absence and presence
of change in her daily life. She uses unusual and ephemeral materials like red pom-poms,
dirt, piano wire, honey, salt, thread, beeswax, string and found objects to utter the laborious, cyclical, repetitive and rhythmic of time. The use of the alchemical actions like sifting, funneling, separating, sorting, expose the delicate changes of the materials through time and process. Kathy also creates playful, poetic, animated and experiential installations and sculptures that evoke tenderness, beauty, curiosity, and memory through time and change. Her also includes community art interventions that I locate by walking in my neighborhood. She searches for places that have been forgotten, neglected or destroyed and start with an art intervention to infuse change that will bring awareness and action to transform a place. This art is part of her Oakland Projects which is ongoing as I walk, observe, and document the changes occurring in the neighborhood.

Rebecca Redman (( Visual Artist))
Rebecca Redman is an Oakland-based artist and musician. Her visual art explores relationships that exist between power and the body. She also plays in some bands and sometimes gives pretty good haircuts. 

Leon Saperstein (( Fashion Photographer ))
Born in California, 1972, Leon has been shooting fashion and beauty from his 1400sq/ft studio in Paris, France, since 1999. Traveling the world over, shooting in Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Japan, and China, he has recently relocated his studio to the good old downtown Oakland. Leon continues to travel, shooting editorials for internationally reknowned magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Tatler, Marie Claire, and Elle, as well as nine other British, French, Swiss, Chinese, and Japanese magazines.
For pleasure, he has produced an extensive collection of art photos which have been exhibited in galleries across the globe, with shows in California, New York, Chicago, Japan, China, France, and Spain. Leon is truly making his mark on the world. He hopes his vision of beauty, peace, prosperity, and art can inspire others to see their own beauty and their fantastic connection we all have with the physical and spiritual world.